Immigration Debate Update: Senator Chambliss Says No Amnesty For Ag Workers
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Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) has the floor right now and listening to his words I swear, he has to be on the payroll of the Mexican government...or he's the Antichrist, it could go either way.

In any event, there is an amendment coming up for a vote today which was introduced yesterday by Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Georgia).

(I love his's sexy, old South.)

According to Senator Saxby,

“The Judiciary Committee bill would not require illegal immigrants working in agriculture to wait in line behind everyone outside the country trying to legally enter the United States in order to get their permanent resident status. Not only is this unfair, but it is a repeat of the 1986 approach, which is widely recognized as seriously flawed.

Whew...a little logic at last.

Chambliss is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture so he has a bit of experience in these matters. For example, he speaks to the nature of ag workers:

“We know from past experience that agricultural workers do not stay in their jobs for long, especially when they gain a legal status and have the option to work in less back-breaking occupations."

Loosely translated, the immigrant worker will commit to an ag job just to get a Visa then they will split for another job...and then farmers will demand more workers.

The Chambliss amendment would allow workers to apply for a Blue Visa which is only good for two years after which the worker would have to return home and enter the U.S. through legal channels...just like everybody else.

Now then, we all know that they will not leave after two years...and that is assuming they get a Blue Visa at all.

But if the Chambliss amendment passes, they will at least be denied amnesty. Cross your fingers...

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