Immigration Causes Terrorism
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Apparently one of the major causes of terrorism is immigration. Not just that the immigrants are terrorists, but that the trauma of immigration is a factor in radicalization of Muslims. Beside debunking the various myths of the poverty stricken psychopath, the act of immigrating is exposed as one of four major terrorist precursors.

“Mail Online October 16, 2011

The Middle-Class Terrorists

Two-thirds of British terror suspects are from middle-class backgrounds and those who become suicide bombers are often highly educated, a classified MI5 document reveals.

The paper, marked ‘Secret: UK Eyes Only’, also debunks the myths that terrorists and suicide bombers are ‘loners’ and ‘psychopaths’.

Instead, the security service says that 90 per cent of them can be categorised as ‘sociable’ and have a high number of friends. Act of terror: The double-decker bus which was destroyed by a terrorist bomb in London on July 7, 2005The 200-page document, titled Radicalisation Of Muslims In The United Kingdom – A Developed Understanding, was found by a Mail on Sunday reporter in the abandoned residence of the British ambassador in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

The research paper, which was intended to be read by only MI5 agents and officers, was produced after studying 90 terror suspects investigated by the security service. More...Sri Lankans treated Fox's best man as 'key contact of his office'

While some of the information in the document comes from the interrogation of suspects, other data came from surveillance by spies and informants.

The report gives a rare glimpse into how security service agents view Islamic extremists, and what MI5 believes are the main causes of Muslims becoming radicalised.

While the report says that Western foreign policy and the perception that ‘Islam is under siege’ plays a role, they are not the main cause.

Instead, the four causes of radicalisation are:

‘Trauma’, such as the death of a loved one: Ten per cent of terror suspects became radicalised after a life trauma, says the report.

‘Migration’: A third of all extremists ‘migrated to Britain alone’.?

‘Criminal activity’: Two-thirds of the sample had criminal records.

‘Prison’: Muslim prisoners who are not religious are often radicalised in prison. The report identified 60 known Islamist extremists operating in British jails.

The study says that the ‘mean age’ at which a Muslim becomes radicalised is 21.6 years, while anyone between the ages of 16 and 32 is regarded as vulnerable.

The research paper was intended to be read by only MI5 agents and officers (MI5 headquarters in London pictured)The report added:

‘Where data is available, two-thirds came from middle or upper-middle-class backgrounds, showing there is no simplistic relationship between poverty and involvement in Islamist extremism.’

The study also found that half of the suspects it surveyed were married and some had children.

‘This indicates that having commitments to a spouse and children did not necessarily restrain these individuals from becoming involved in activity that may have resulted in lengthy imprisonment, if not death.’

The report adds: ‘The vast majority (90 per cent of those on whom we have data) are described as sociable, with a number of friends. Our data thus tends to contradict commonly held stereotypes of terrorists being “mad”, psychopathic or evil.

‘It also challenges the theory that individuals who turn to radical or extremist networks are those who are unable to make friends in normal life.’

Professor Anthony Glees, a terrorism expert at Buckingham University, said: ‘I am glad MI5 are privately accepting that terror suspects were sociable creatures because for a long time they gave the impression that terrorists and suicide bombers are lone wolves.

‘It is also encouraging that they believe most terror suspects come from middle-class backgrounds. Traditionally, there was a belief among the spooks and police that terrorists were caused by poverty.’

The Home Office, which speaks of behalf of MI5, declined to comment.”

Of interest is the statistic that 1/3 of radicals migrated alone. Then add those who radicalized after immigrating as part of a family group. Who knows that that number is and what it adds to the total number of radicalized terrorists. Most are recent immigrants, even more still the children of immigrants, and not just of any immigrant, Muslim immigrants.

What this tells us is that profiling is the best predictor of terrorism and that anti-terror strategies should be based on profiling. A selective mandatory deportation policy of Muslims based on the above risk factors would end the terrorism problem in the UK. Undoubtedly a similar profile exists in the US and it should be the basis for a mandatory removal program directed at Muslim immigrants.

One is reminded of the General William Devereaux [Bruce Willis in the1998 movie The Siege] counter-insurgency strategy. Profile the terrorist, search out the terrorist, and isolate the terrorist, and remove the terrorist from the scene. Call it what you want, Malay Strategy, Phoenix, Hearts-and-Minds, Sipping Tea, tribal strategy. It is very simple.

The number of committed are small and identifiable, especially Muslim terrorists in the West. Identifying Al-Qaeda in Iraq was difficult but doable, identifying Al-Queda in New York, Dearborn, San Francisco, or Tampa is quite a lot easier. In the movie, Devereaux says

Good morning. Today with the invocation of the War Powers Act by the President, I am declaring state of martial law in this city. To the best of our knowledge we are opposed by no more than 20 of the enemy. He is hiding among a population of roughly two million. Intelligence tells us that he is most likely Arab speaking, between the age of 14 and 30, narrowing the target to 15,000 suspects. We can further reduce that number down to those that have been in this country less than six months. Now you have 20 hiding among 2,000. If you are one of these 20 young men, you can hide among a population of similar ethnic background. Unfortunately for you, you can only hide there. And that population, in the classic immigration pattern, is concentrated right here in Brooklyn. We intend to seal off this borough, then we intend to squeeze it.”

[ note: James Bowman's review of The Siege says "Meanwhile, it occurs to no one, apparently, to protest against the fact that the movie commits to film a far more vicious stereotype than that of the terrorist Arab: that of the crazy, ruthless, corrupt and megalomaniacal American general."" And that leads to General Devereaux/Bruce Willis being arrested…by Denzel Washington.]

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