"Immigrants Make It All Work," Redux
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After learning of this exercise in undiluted amnesty and open borders propaganda, [Invasion of The Job Snatchers] I  read the underlying article, Immigrants make it all work, and wrote the following letter to the upstate New York Daily Gazette, only to conclude after ten unsuccessful attempts at registering, that the mechanism was either broken or had been shut down. I was however, able to send it to DG Managing Editor Judy Patrick, who ignored it.

To the Editor:

Daily Gazette Managing Editor Judy Patrick (contact) must have been off on vacation when ”Immigrants make it all work” (August 3) was assigned and written. This piece is either a reportorial–an editorial disguised as news–or a paid advertisement, but it is certainly not a news story. Jill Bryce (contact) and Sara Foss (contact) spend almost 2,000 words shilling for crooked, lying employers and for foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, without feeling obliged to even feign objectivity. (And deceptions such as ”undocumented workers,” or quoting apple grower flack Jim Allen (write him) saying, ”they might not be 100 percent legal,” instead of explaining that these are ”illegal immigrants” you’re talking about are unforgivable.)

Bryce and Foss quote medical center flack Greg McGarry’s (write him) cover story (that there is nursing shortage in America) for getting all his nurses from the Philippines, without explaining the source of the domestic shortage or seeking out a contrary view. American employers flood the market with foreign nurses, in order to artificially depress wages, and because foreign nurses that can be terrorized by veiled and open threats of deportation are more submissive. If employers were no longer permitted to flood the market, wages would rise, and Americans would fill the nursing schools.

Bryce and Foss attribute to university flack Lynn Videka (write her) the nonsensical claim that being a scientist ”requires a global perspective.” Does the law of gravity function differently in India than in America? Do the same chemicals interact differently from one country to another? Of course, not. Videka says, ”No longer is the science of the world being solely produced by the United States,” as if that were ever the case. The only reason for importing highly skilled foreign scientists, engineers, and tech workers is in order to engage in H-1B fraud. Employers lie and say that they can’t find any skilled American candidates, and then go to a ”body shop” and hire an inferior foreign candidate (Indian universities are vastly inferior to ours) for half the wages of the American market, no benefits, and again treat the foreigner like an indentured servant. Meanwhile, as H-1B fraud flack Jonathan Grosso mail him must know, there are over 1,000,000 highly skilled American science and tech workers who have been dispossessed from their professions, and thus were defrauded out of over $20 billion for an economically worthless education. Such H-1B fraud is going to destroy American science and tech education, because word is getting around, though no thanks to your credulous ”reporters.” And since the foreign H-1Bs refuse to return home after their contracts run out, H-1B fraud also adds to our illegal immigrant problem. Until recently, the work of picking apples and cleaning stables was also done by Americans, before felonious employers conspired to break federal laws, in order to suppress wages.

I must have missed the references to the fact that all of the employers Bryce and Foss applauded are committing felonies every day. My eight-year-old would have done more digging and shown more skepticism, in dealing with professional liars, er, spokesmen.

We’re in the middle of a crushing recession, with no end in sight, yet Bryce and Foss can only applaud massive business fraud, the theft of American jobs, and the sending of American wages to places like the Philippines and Mexico.

Apparently, for Bryce and Foss, ”global perspective” is a code phrase for anti-Americanism. Why do they hate their fellow Americans? The only job that might require a truly global perspective is that of God, but unless globaloney is itself a religion, I’ve never heard of a faith concerned with ”globalism.”

Nicholas Stix

P.S. I forgot to mention all the hospitals that have been put out of business by non-paying illegal aliens.

Since sending this letter, I’ve learned that it was but the opening salvo of a three-part series, along with ”New faces in new places: Immigrant population is increasing,” and ”Group helps people in U.S. illegally: New Sanctuary chapter formed,” for a total of 5,611 words of anti-American, pro-amnesty, open borders propaganda. I now see that ignorance had nothing to do with it.

The Gazette is surely gunning for a journalism prize. VDARE.com’s Joe Guzzardi judges the Annual VDARE.COM Worst Immigration Coverage Award, and I wager that this series will be thick in the hunt.

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