Invasion of The Job Snatchers
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Paul Streitz of CT Citizens for Immigration Control writes, (in an email newsletter that's not on the web yet):
Marco Tomakin and El Bandalan
Job Snatchers from the Phillipines

The article in the Schenectady, NY Daily Gazette, is going to be a contender for this year's Golden Croissant award. This is given by the Hartford Courant for the newspaper article that best represents American journalism as cheerleaders for massive immigration.

Reporters like these aren't American citizens; they just happen to live in the United States.

The reporters are Jill Bryce and Sara Foss "Immigrants make it all work"

Bryce and Foss cheerily report that hiring foreigners, as "It's just one of Albany Medical Center's strategies for dealing with a chronic, nationwide shortage in nurses," this news is supplied by "Greg McGarry, a spokesman for the hospital."

"We were aware that in the Philippines there are a number of well-trained nurses looking for work," he said. "They're fluent in English. They assimilate quite readily. Most of them have adjusted well with our homegrown staff."

Unfortunately, Bruche and Foss don't report any reactions from the homegrown staff, if there are any American nurses left.

They report that the nurses say, "We send money home and it has a tremendous impact on the economy," Tomakin said. "It keeps it afloat." A nurse in the U.S., he said, earns more than a specialist in the Philippines. "In a private hospital in the Philippines, a nurse can make about $220 a month. At Albany Medical Center, nurses earn $220 a day," he explained.

Bryce and Foss fail to mention that these foreign remittances drain billions from the U.S. economy each year. That not only are the jobs taken from Americans, but the dollars go back to benefit foreign workers and foreign countries.

Bryce and Foss say, "The couple moved to Albany from the Philippines in 2003. They had both trained in government-run nursing schools in their home country, and the idea of making more money in the U.S. appealed to them." Now there is an incentive, they can earn twenty times the amount they made in their home country. The government obviously (as with computer schools in India) realizes that they can train nurses and send them to the United States.

The reporters also report there is a shortage in upstate New York of scientists, workers for the Saratoga Springs horse track, apple pickers, surgeons and computer programmers among others.

Bryce and Foss dutifully report form a corporate spokes-liar, "There's a shortage of U.S. scientists, Videka said, and so it's not as if scientists from overseas are displacing Americans." And the reason they report is "There's a shortage of skilled workers throughout the world, but it's particularly acute in the U.S., he said. "It's become even more of an issue because the labor market is tighter, and it will become even more of an issue as the baby boomers retire," he said."

If the baby boomes retire, and die, why should we bring in more people for a declining population?

Can you sue newspaper reporters for gross negligence? If so, the workers in upstatate New York should sue Bruce and Foss for millions. They should have their notebooks and tape recorders publicly burned.

Nowhere in their article do they give any counter evidence. They don't interview any nurses at the Albany Medical facility; they don't interview any computer programmers who have been put out of jobs; they don't interview anybody concerned with immigration control. They don't inteview who would remotely thinking this invasion of job snatchers is harmful to them, their families or the United States. They don't give any negative facts.

They are happy campers being PR flacks for the open border lobby and left wing journalism. My greatest hope is one day an editor appears next to their desks.

He says, "This is Punjab. He worked for the India Times. He is here on an H-1B visa. You should show him your job. Otherwise you won't get your severance pay of two weeks. There is a real shortage of topflight reporters in the United States, so the India School of Journalism is really filling a critical shortage. Lots of luck."

If you would like to send them a message after reading this piece of trashing Americans, go here: Jill Bryce(Contact), Sara Foss(Contact) You will have to fill out a form, but you might feel better after reading this putrid piece of journalism.

The bad news is this putrid piece of journalism. The good news is that it is reported at all. Maybe a few apple knockers will get the idea that they are being invaded by job snatchers and that everyone of these immigrants is taking a job that would have been done by them or one of their children.

p.s. I am formerly from upstate New York and lived in Albany. An apple knocker is a rural hick as described by New York City folk. Knocker comes from the Yiddish/German word, to chew.

Paul Streitz

CT Citizens for Immigration Control

[email protected]

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