Immigrants Doing The Jobs That Future Presidential Candidates Used To Do
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The Associated Press published a list of the "worst jobs" that Presidential candidates can recall holding—they turn out to be jobs that are nowadays almost always taken by immigrants:
Personal side: Presidential candidates and the jobs they were glad to leave behind

The Associated Press asked major presidential candidates a series of questions about their personal tastes, traits and backgrounds. Today's question first in a series and their answers:

What was your worst job? DEMOCRATS:

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: ''Sliming fish in a fish cannery in Valdez, Alaska.''

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards: Textile mill. ''I cleaned out overhead in the weave room, which is where all the crap goes. And I'd be up there climbing around, knocking the stuff down. And it would go down on the looms. The weavers would be, uh, not happy with me for that.''

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama: Scooping ice cream at a Baskin-Robbins and eating too much of it.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: Landscaping, while playing baseball on Cape Cod in 1967. ''The pay was terrible. I remember it was backbreaking work.''

Obama's "worst job" emphasizes how easy he had it growing up—that's why Steve Sailer called him the "preppie from paradise."

As for Richardson's jobs, landscaper, baseball player, and any summer job on Cape Cod are all jobs that Americans "won't do" or rather, can't have because immigrants are doing them cheaper.

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