Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome? Hialeah Shooter "Speaking Spanglish"
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It's getting increasingly difficult to tell from Main Stream Media reports whether any given mass killing is a case of what calls Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome (this is not, alas, a job Americans won't do). It's almost like the MSM is trying to hide something.

Here's a hint from Friday's tragedy:

A Florida madman went on a rampage in his apartment complex, killing six innocents, shooting it out with police and holding two people hostage for three hours before cops shot him dead.

Pedro Vargas, 43, began his eight hours of terror early Friday evening by torching the fourth-floor apartment he shared with his mother in the building in Hialeah, just a few miles north of Miami...

“[Superintendant] Pisciotti wanted to call police and the gunman didn’t, because he was living there illegally with his mother under Section 8 (housing laws),” [neighbor Nelson] Flores told the Daily News.Vargas then shot the [superintendant and his wife], Flores and police said...

He was speaking Spanglish and not making any sense so it was impossible,” [police negotiator Lt. Carl] Zogby told the Daily News. “We offered food and drinks but he wouldn’t accept it.”

Emphases added. This New York Daily News story is headlined Florida gunman kills 6 in standoff with police (by Alexia Fodere and Corinne Lestch, updated July 28 2013), but Vargas certainly was not descended from the 15,000 Floridians who fought for the Confederacy. Hialeah isreportedly three-quarters Cuban (as of the 2000 census, an incredible 92% of the population spoke Spanish at home).

If Vargas was not an immigrant, he was a colonist.

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