Immigrant Mass Murder: Recent Mexican Immigrant Shoots Wife, Mother, Daughter, And Self—MSM Reports "Charlotte Man"
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The latest Immigrant Mass Murder—Mexican immigrant who arrived just last year shoots his wife, mother and daughter. The media reports it as "Charlotte Man. " (The original headline on this story was “Charlotte man killed wife, mother, self, say police”, see also stories headed “NC Man”, “Man”, “Charlotte Man” , “Dad Kills Mom And Wife In Charlotte”, etc.)

Andrade Chacon, Bravo Aguilar and their three children, ages 13, 11 and 7, moved to Charlotte from Mexico in September 2016, and settled into the apartment next door to Hernandez and her husband and three children.
‘My dad is going to kill us.’ Siblings lost both parents, grandmother in one morning.
By Cristina Bolling And Jane Wester,, December 12, 2017

Journalists also use it as an opportunity to push gun control and increased funding for domestic violence counseling services (maybe even get more translators?).

The family knew that Andrade Chacon owned firearms and permits and he enjoyed attending gun shows.
“But we never thought he would (try to) take the life of his wife, his daughter, his own mother,” Hernandez said.
“This was real domestic violence. People look at things like this like, ‘Maybe he doesn’t hit me, but he insults me’ and people die,” Hernandez said. “People need to know there are resources – there are people who can help you so that things like this don’t happen. Don’t stay quiet about this type of domestic violence.”

Never let a crisis go to waste.



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