HUMAN EVENTS Made Roy Moore Man Of The Year In 2003—Now They Truckle To The $PLC
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I happened to be rereading Kevin Lamb’s piece about his firing from Human Events and came across this hidden gem, apropos of Judge Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama 's special election for U.S. Senate:
In 2003 Human Events selected Judge Roy Moore for its  man-of-the-year award for his principled stand in his fight to keep the Ten Commandments monument in his courtroom. The SPLC had filed the suit against Judge Moore that resulted in the removal of the monument.

Furthermore, SPLC’s founder Morris Dees said in March 2004, “The most dangerous threat in America today is not from the Ku Klux Klan and it’s not from the Neo Nazis, it's from the religious right.” Dees added, "I think of Judge Roy Moore in Montgomery, Alabama…. We took  that case because it was a case of extreme religious intolerance.”

Lamb’s piece describes in chilling detail the frightening power $PLC exerts over conservatives by aiming at them with a rhetorical gun loaded with false charges of “racism.”

I wonder: Does Human Events have to renounce and take back its award to Moore, and if it doesn’t, is it going to land on $PLC’s list of hate groups?

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