Immigrant Mass Murder In The English Channel Islands?
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Jersey is a small island in the English Channel, after which New Jersey is named.

There’s been a multiple killing, which reports say may be what we call “familicide” (in which an immigrant kills his or her entire family) in the small town of St. Helier. The BBC reports:

4 August 2011 Last updated at 16:16 ET

Six die in knife attack in Jersey

Six people, including two children, have been killed after a stabbing incident in Jersey, police have said.

Police were called to a flat at Victoria Crescent, Upper Midvale Road, at 15:00 BST after reports of a multiple stabbing incident.

A 30-year-old man is in police custody at Jersey General Hospital where he is also recovering from surgery.

Two men and two women died. Their identities and ages are unconfirmed but police say they were Jersey residents.

Reports in other news outlets say that the family–including the surviving suspect–was apparently Polish.

Jersey is considered one of “safest places” in the British Isles. The reason? Everybody is white. The BBC’s Jersey Fact file says

Jersey, which is part of the Channel Islands, has a population of about 91,000 of whom the overwhelming majority is made up of native islanders of Norman French and British extraction. European Union citizens, including a prominent community from Portugal, also live on the island.

See Brenda Walker’s  Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Familicide, which is about a slightly different syndrome from what I called I wrote about recently in’s Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome Count—As Of July 28, 2011: 37 Cases, 337 Dead.

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