Immigrant Mass Murder In Finland—Albanian Muslim On Shopping Mall Rampage
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Previous mass shootings in Finland have been done by Finns:

Finland shopping mall shooting: gunman kills five before commiting suicide A gunman, named by police as Ibrahim Shkupolli, killed his ex-girlfriend and then shot dead four more people at a shopping centre in Espoo, Finland's second largest city, before committing suicide.
By Nick Squires Published: 2:58PM GMT 31 Dec 2009 Link to this video
The 43-year-old immigrant, believed to be an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo, shot dead three men and one woman when he opened fire at the huge Sello shopping mall, one of the largest in Scandinavia. Shortly before the attack he had shot dead his ex-girlfriend, who worked in the shopping mall, in her home. After embarking on the killing spree Shkupolli fled the mall and was on the run for several hours before police found his body in his apartment in Espoo, six miles west of Helsinki. He had apparently committed suicide. [More]

Finland has gun control laws, although there are a fair number of guns there because it's mostly rural. It also has, (aargh!) strict hate speech laws—a 2008 hate speech trial there featured a prosecution for maliciously quoting [The Finnquisition And VDARE.COM]

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