Immigrant Mass Murder In Canada Gets 1/56 Attention Of Gilroy Shooting, Even Though Death Toll Is Higher
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Santino William Legan, the Gilroy Garlic Festival gunman mentioned in a letter last night, has "About 8,540,000 results" in a Google search. He killed a total of three (3) people, injuring 15 more, before being shot by police.

At around the same time, Menhaz Zaman's sister, father, mother and grandmother were found dead in a house in Markham, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. Menhaz Zaman himself has been charged with first degree murder in Toronto.

Pictured below, Menhaz Zaman in a 2014 graduation picture:

Zaman is charged with causing 33 percent more deaths than Legan, but he receives only ""About 153,000 results"" in Google News. That's a ratio of about 55 to 1.

That's not because of the public nature of the shooting, or because it took place in Canada rather than America. It's because it doesn't fit the Narrative. It is mostly being covered on a "Man Arrested" basis, meaning that there are no headlines saying "Muslim Immigrant Kills Whole Family," or anything like that.

One interesting point: "religion" is mentioned in a local news story: Religion motivating factor in alleged Markham murders: Friends, by Aidan Wallace, Toronto Sun, July 31, 2019.

The religion, of course, is Islam, but Zaman is against it rather than for it—he had allegedly become an atheist, and resented his Muslim family. It's another case of what we call "familicide."

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