Immigrant Gunman At Virginia Tech?
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Inquiring minds want to know, but police can't say. It's very rare that they do say. See for example, That San Jose Abductor Was A Guess What. (Hint: The Media Won't Tell You.)

PC Commissar Professor Eric Muller, [Send him mail]in a moment of holier-than-thou-ness suggests that Michelle Malkin is "warped" for pointing out that Virginia Tech was a gun-free zone with a ban on the means of self-defense.

I would suggest that Muller's obsession with Malkin is extremely warped.

WorldNetDaily reports that the shooter, said by witnesses to be Asian, may be an immigrant. Perhaps we'll know tomorrow. In any event, the MSM storyline is usually this—when an immigrant goes on a killing spree with a gun, blame the gun.

WorldNetDaily: Shanghai student eyed in university shooting

Authorities investigating the killing of 32 people at Virginia Tech today, the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history, are targeting a Chinese man who arrived in the U.S. last year on a student visa, a source told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Investigators have not linked the 24-year-old to any terrorist group, the paper said.

The man, with a visa issued in Shanghai, arrived Aug. 7 in San Francisco on United Airlines. Three reported bomb threats on the campus last week might have been attempts by him to test the campus' security response, the source told the Sun-Times.

UPDATE: If you don't know, the Shanghai student rumor later proved to be false—it was a different Asian immigrant.
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