"Immigrant Groups" Battling In Fargo, ND Probably Liberian; Police Say Country Of Origin "Not Relevant"
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Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller has an interesting article about two immigrant groups from "unknown countries " batting it out in the streets of Fargo, North Dakota.

A manhunt is underway in Fargo, N.D. after two separate groups of immigrants from unknown countries began waging what is being described as a “street war” against each other earlier this week.

According to Valley News Live, police are currently searching for Luke Goodrich and Isaac Nyemah for their involvement in an alleged armed home invasion that took place Wednesday morning.

‘Immigrant Groups’ Are Battling It Out In The Streets Of Fargo, June 11, 2015

The "unknown countries" isn't willful ignorance on Ross's part—the local authorities themselves aren't saying.
It is unclear how, but the two men are allegedly involved in trouble that began Sunday at a birthday party in a Fargo park.

A group of 70 people were gathered when an altercation of some sort ensued. Men affiliated with one immigrant group smashed out the window of a car with a crowbar. The same men vandalized another vehicle shortly after. Police were initially called to the park because a DJ had been hired and party-goers were drinking alcohol, in violation of park rules.

According to Valley News, while police have acknowledged that two immigrant groups are involved, they said that it is “not relevant” what country they hail from. Fargo, which has a population of around 110,000 people, has seen 4,000 refugees from 35 nations come to the city over the past decade.

“You know when you get different new American groups from different ethnic backgrounds from different areas, sometimes they come here with those cultural disputes between the groups, and likely that’s what we are seeing here,” Lt. Michael Mitchell of the Fargo Police Department told Valley News. [Emphases added]

What Ross doesn't have is pictures of the two men at the top, Goodridge and Nyemah, which shows that both are Africans. I would say at a venture that both are Liberians, Nyemah being from an original African Liberian family, and Goodridge being descended from one of the 19th Century African-American settlers who were aided by the US in colonizing Liberia after the Civil War. I know that Goodridge and Nyemah  are names known in Liberia, and there were Goodridges among the freed slaves in America.

Why am I having to do this research? Because local authorities think it's "not relevant." It's very relevant, as Ann Coulter was writing earlier.

There was a link to the Fargo Police Department Facebook page in the Daily Caller story, but it's down, possibly because the Fargo PD was tired of people yelling at them "What hell do you mean by saying 'not relevant'?" Email  Fargo Chief of Police David Todd and ask him what's going on.


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