Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich: Liar! Liar! His pants are on fire!
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Shortly after former Illinois Gov. George Ryan was convicted on all 18 counts of "living large," Gov. Rod ("Now where did I put my oath of office?") Blagojevich said: "The verdict proves that "no one is above the law." Shazam! Memo to Blago: Excuse me? What about the 400,000 illegals living in your state? You know, the folks you think deserve driver's licenses so they "can get to and from work? " Yes, the very same ones who, thanks to you, now roam the Land of Lincoln flashing Mexico's bogus matricula consular ID card. Oh, and did I mention the instate tuition bennies you made possible for them a few years back? Lucky for you, Blago, that talking out of both sides of one's mouth still falls under the heading of free speech. You could end up with Ryan in some posh minimum security prison watching TV in the game room.
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