Illegals Feel Betrayed By Obama Even Now, So What Chance Do Republicans Have?
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Even after President Barack Obama more or less single-handedly destroyed immigration law enforcement in the United States, illegals still feel he needs to do more.
The heady sense of victory immigrant rights activists had last year after President Obama announced his deportation amnesty has faded in recent weeks as the advocates sense they’ve lost ground among the very Democratic leaders they were counting on to deliver at the national and state levels.

The latest blow came over the weekend in New York, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo has scrapped plans for a state-level Dream Act granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants as part of the budget — spawning a hunger strike from young illegal immigrants who expected him to come through.

Nationally, meanwhile, Mr. Obama is taking fire after his immigration service earlier this month deported a Mennonite pastor with American citizen children who had been living without authorization for years, but who came to agents’ attention because of a drunken driving conviction from the 1990s.

Activists said that deportation broke the rules Mr. Obama himself laid out in November, when he said he wanted to kick out “felons, not families.”

“It goes to who really are our champions. That’s disillusioning a lot of the electorate,” said Cesar Vargas, co-director of the Dream Action Coalition. “Democrats would like to make people believe that Republicans have a Latino problem. Well, Democrats are definitely facing a Latino problem that many of them aren’t even aware of.”

['Dreamers' despair as Obama, Democrats abandon immigration activists, by Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times, March 30, 2015]

Implicit in all the Republican scheming that they can "cut a deal" to "get past" the immigration issue is the idea that they will receive some kind of credit for compromising.  Here, we have President Obama, who by his own admission violated the law when he unilaterally enacted a de facto amnesty for millions of illegals.  And he's still being called a traitor to the "Latino population."

What chance does any Republican have?  Even the likes of Jeb Bush?


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