Illegals Being Deported From Canada
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March 24, 2006, 02:05 AM
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This report, from a Liberal daily paper in Toronto, suggests that the new, more conservative, less corrupt, Canadian government may actually enforce some of Canada`s immigration laws.

The illegals in question are Portuguese construction workers, mostly visa overstayers, who came by plane. (Canada`s Southern Border is famously undefended, but they don`t need to build walls to keep Americans out.)

The Liberal government would have let them stay.

Early last year, then-Immigration Minister Joe Volpe said he would try to find a way to get legal status for undocumented workers.

"They are here already and have proven themselves to be integrated," Volpe said at the time. [Tories begin deporting illegal workers|Portuguese families caught in immigration crackdown, by Peter Gorrie, Toronto Star, March 21, 2006]

Mr. Volpe`s motives for this amnesty may have been pure, but there`s a simple political equation in Canadian politics: One Portuguese immigrant=One Liberal vote.