Illegals Already Complaining Senate Surrender Not Abject Enough
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Some illegals are already complaining that the Senate bill, which contains some token provisions in the direction of enforcing the law, does not go far enough.

Illegal immigrants say White House-Senate immigration reform agreement is unrealistic - International Herald Tribune Il The Associated Press Published: May 17, 2007

LOS ANGELES: Illegal immigrants and their advocates sharply criticized the Senate's immigration reform deal with President George W. Bush on Thursday, saying its provisions are overly harsh and will drive many people deeper into the shadows.

They said key components of the proposed deal regarding illegal immigrants, such as having to return to their home countries to apply for legal residency and pay a $5,000 fine, would be financially impossible for low-wage earners.

Many also said stepped up raids over the past year made them distrustful that U.S. immigration authorities would let them return to America.

"If I go home, who is going to guarantee that I'll be let back in?" said David Guerra, 44, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador.

Guerra, who works as a day laborer in Los Angeles, said his wife and four children survive off the $300 he sends home each month.

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