Illegal Voter Sob Story In The WASHINGTON POST
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The Washington Post treated us to another immigrant sob story today, this one about Rosa Ortega, the Mexican woman who voted illegally and landed an eight-year prison sentence.

Here is a front-page teaser atop the heart-rending photo of Mom and her two kids:

Why me, God? Eight years for signing a piece of paper wrong. I didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t have any criminal record. Why am I the example?

She voted illegally. But was the punishment too harsh?

By Robert Samuels April 3, 2017

Rosa, you’re not “the example.” You broke the law. Even if you are a Republican.

That fact, of course, made the story especially attractive to the virulently anti-Trump Post.

Whether someone should spend eight years in the slammer for voter fraud is open to question. But the idea that she was clueless, which is what she claims, isn’t.

Apparently, this woman has been voting illegally since 2004, and she claims, didn’t know that non-citizens can’t vote.

Is that believable?


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