Illegal Teachers
February 10, 2006, 11:06 PM
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On the front page tonight, Joe Guzzardi`s View From Lodi will be about the Lodi Unified School District`s plan to import foreign schoolteachers from the Philippines, the way Las Vegas did recently.

That`s bad, but not as bad as this plan from Dallas. According to the Lonewacko Blog:

Dallas Independent School District trustee Joe May wants to hire bilingual teachers who are here illegally. And, some other members of the DISD board think it`s a good idea, just as long as it`s handled delicately.

He links to this story:Illegal educators for hire? | Hurdle in using these bilingual teachers: U.S. law prohibits it, By TAWNELL D. HOBBS, The Dallas Morning News February 7, 2006

The fact that it`s federal crime is a hurdle all right, but the Bush administration has made it a fairly low hurdle.

Read the whole thing, and more, at the excellent Lonewacko blog.

Email Joe May with your views on the propriety of a Texas school hiring illegal Mexican teachers.