Illegal Teachers
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On the front page tonight, Joe Guzzardi's View From Lodi will be about the Lodi Unified School District's plan to import foreign schoolteachers from the Philippines, the way Las Vegas did recently.

That's bad, but not as bad as this plan from Dallas. According to the Lonewacko Blog:

Dallas Independent School District trustee Joe May wants to hire bilingual teachers who are here illegally. And, some other members of the DISD board think it's a good idea, just as long as it's handled delicately.

He links to this story:Illegal educators for hire? | Hurdle in using these bilingual teachers: U.S. law prohibits it, By TAWNELL D. HOBBS, The Dallas Morning News February 7, 2006

The fact that it's federal crime is a hurdle all right, but the Bush administration has made it a fairly low hurdle.

Read the whole thing, and more, at the excellent Lonewacko blog.

Email Joe May with your views on the propriety of a Texas school hiring illegal Mexican teachers.

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