Illegal Immigration Without End, Amen
Print Friendly and PDF's Brenda Walker had a blog entry here in mid-September that included the photo above.  In a private email, she told me that she'd downloaded the picture to her computer in February, 2013, so its actual date is indeterminate.

Nevertheless, it's worth highlighting a seemingly minor detail in the picture, the yellow sign in the upper-right corner that says "NO Troops to the Border."

Why is that significant?  Well, the photo's overall scene is clearly a rally for amnesty — the sign in the middle translates to "legalization for all," meaning all illegal aliens.

Then why would such illegal aliens care about what happens at the border?  They're already inside it!

The only answer that comes to mind is that whoever printed such "No Troops" signs wants illegal immigration to continue even after a mass amnesty.

This is a tidbit for immigration patriots to remember when people, whether well-meaning or devious, try to convince us that acceptance of "one last amnesty" will lead us to nirvana.


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