Illegal Crossings Fell In January
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The latest figures from the Southwest Border show crossings falling, not rising:
USBP Demographic OCT NOV DEC JAN Total
Southwest Border UAC 3,158 3,981 4,078 3,227 14,444
Family Units 4,837 7,015 8,120 5,656 25,628
Southwest Border Total Apprehensions 25,487 29,080 28,997 25,980 109,544
Tables are accurate as of 2/1/18, totals change as data is adjudicated.
Southwest Border Migration FY2018

During the month of January, CBP saw a 12 percent decrease in individuals apprehended while trying to enter the country illegally in between established ports of entry, and in those presenting themselves for entry, without proper documentation, along our Southwest border. This is typical of the migration patterns in the month of January. [More]

This chart covers several years, I've circled the dip in this January:

The January figures aren't the big story, just the most recent. The real story is the orange line, for Fiscal Year 2017, "Fiscal Year" starting in October 2016. That shows a massive drop, and that's the Trump Effect.

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