Illegal Aliens, Justice And The War On Terror.
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Some "un-caught" illegal aliens in the U.S. get a job working on American airliners. [Bust of illegal aliens maintaining jets raises safety concerns USA ] If caught, some OTM's get a bus ticket to the American destination of their choice. [Illegal entry by non-Mexicans rises Christian Science Monitor]

Other OTM's get a year in prison:

A Canadian man who entered the United States to visit his dying mother in Massachusetts was sentenced Friday to a year and a day in prison for illegal entry after he'd been deported.Visit to mom nets prison, Associated Press

Illegal aliens from Mexico get a plane ticket home

Probably mean-spirited of us here in Marietta, but we see a small amount of justice in the fact that some of the illegal aliens came out of the shadows recently and searched for a better life...[and a shower and change of clothes] in a pro-amnesty U.S. Congressman's Arizona home. We wonder aloud whatever became of the illegal who was employed at the White House...

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