Illegal Alien Firefighters—The Financial Aspect
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Steve Sailer wondered a while back why contractors are hiring illegal alien fire crews. Follow the money, folks. Steve is correct that there is no shortage of American males who love to fight fires. I used to work for a public jurisdiction. The problem for public jurisdictions in recruiting is that too many folks, mostly men, apply to be firefighters. It takes a good body and a mind. That's it and they apply by the hundreds. Warm bodies required to establish fire perimeters are a dime a dozen and taking the time to screen them, test them, deal with workers comp, etc. is a big expense so they have taken to contractors to fill these positions. Contract organizations hire illegal aliens because they have bodies and minds. (Read what you will into this and you are probably correct.) They also are seasonal workers who get laid off after the fire season and they cannot apply for unemployment benefits. Actually, they can apply but they cannot receive benefits because they are illegal so they don't apply. Employers must pay to support the unemployment system. Their premiums are variable depending upon how many of their workers get laid off and then get unemployment insurance. So, it's as simple as can be. . .illegal aliens do not get unemployment insurance and, therefore, the employers' rates are low as opposed to hiring Americans and then laying them off. They apply for unemployment and they are qualified and the employers' rates goes up. That is not the end of the story, however. Illegal aliens who have U.S. citizen children qualify for welfare benefits (TANF) for these children. The parents get laid off and they apply for welfare for their kids who share their benefits with their parents, right? It is not just confined to firefighters and strawberry pickers but it also applies to millions of temporary workers such as those hired by hotels during the Christmas rush. The illegal aliens bus tables, wash dishes and then they get laid off. The hotels love illegal aliens. They are cheap labor. Unfortunately, they cost taxpayers a bundle in welfare benefits, medical costs, education for their kids. . .ad nauseum.
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