If Pro-Lifers And Conservative Republicans Like The Dobbs Decision That Overturned Roe, They Had Better Push To Close The Borders
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After almost 50 years of voting for Republican presidential candidates because they would supposedly appoint originalist justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, pro-lifers and conservative Republicans got what they wanted. From a court shaped by POTUS 45 Donald J. Trump, no less. But the victory in Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health, which overturned Roe v. Wade  and returned the abortion question to the states and democratically elected state legislatures, might be short-lived if the GOP can’t stop the illegal-alien invasion at the southwest border. 

Abortion is not, of course, VDARE’s issue. VDARE contributors disagree about it amicably, but the interests of immigration patriots on both sides of the issue converge.

Pro-life activists should focus on immigration for a simple reason, as I and others have written before. Immigrants vote for Democrats, who are monolithically and unalterably pro-abortion. So the more immigrants who enter the country—whatever their personal beliefs about abortion—the more votes pro-abortion Democrats receive.

Traitor Joe Biden has released 1 million illegals who will, in all likelihood, not only never be deported but might also become voters. They will have anchor babies who will also become voters.

Those overjoyed about Dobbs better hope the GOP returns to power in November’s midterms, and that voters elect an immigration patriot president in 2024. And if pro-life conservative Republicans are serious about their cause, they must include mass deportations, an immigration moratorium, and an end to birthright citizenship in their list of public-policy priorities.

Otherwise, the decision in Dobbs will only be a brief reprieve from the tyranny of Roe.

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