Identity Theft Ring Busted
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The Attorney General announced the charging of 11 people, some of them in foreign countries, in a huge identity theft scheme.

Three of the defendants are U.S. citizens, one is from Estonia, three are from Ukraine, two are from the People’s Republic of China and one is from Belarus. One individual is only known by an alias online, and his place of origin is unknown.[DOJ Press Release]

So what we're dealing with is not just immigrant crime, but the outsourcing of immigrant crime. Can't American criminals compete? To  what extent is computer fraud like this dominated by immigrants? Is Alberto "Segvec" Gonzales, one of the US citizens in the case, an immigrant? We don't know, and DOJ may not tell us. However, using the "What kind of name is that" investigative technique pioneered by Archie Bunker, I note that previous computer fraud cases have included US v. Ramanathan, US v. Holhoko, et al.,  US v. Simbaqueba, US v. Kalonji, and  US v. Carranza. [DOJ Fact Sheet (PDF)]

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