ICE SVU Now Doing The Secret Service's Job—Still Not Doing Its Own
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ICE SVU Now Targeting The Secret ServiceThe Final Four and NCAA basketball are in the news and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) is doing what it does best, which is not immigration law enforcement, but protecting the investments of the rich and powerful.  The professional sport of college basketball is no exception even while 20 million illegal aliens wander America unafraid of the Federal law enforcement agency who's mission is to arrest those same illegal aliens.
ICE News Room April 4, 2014
TOP STORY: HSI Dallas Supports Law Enforcement Partners During Final Four
DALLAS — It's called Final Four madness for good reason. Officials predict about 100,000 visitors will flock to North Texas April 4-7 to celebrate the final four NCAA games and attend 40 surrounding events. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in Dallas is lending its law enforcement support to the Dallas Police Department to ensure the public is protected during Final Four Madness events taking place in Dallas.
HSI Dallas is assisting the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas SWAT with one of the big attractions, the March Madness Music Festival inside the Dallas Convention Center in Bracket Town and Reunion Arena area. The Music Festival is an interactive event with more than 40,000 spectators expected to attend performances by top country and rock recording artists and bands.
HSI Dallas is providing radio communications and video surveillance. HSI Dallas deployed its Mobile Command Center (MCC) to serve as a command, control and communications platform. The MCC is outfitted with multiple workstations, a conference room, telephones and radios. It's designed to provide communications during large-scale enforcement operations, national security special events, natural disasters or other contingency operations.
"Final Four Madness is an exciting time that draws crowds," said HSI Dallas Special Agent in Charge David Marwell. "But security is always a major concern during large-scale public events like this, and our main concern is keeping everyone safe. We're glad to assist our law enforcement partners in Dallas with communications, which is a key security measure."
HSI Dallas' MCC also supported Super Bowls held in Arlington, Texas; New Orleans, La.; and Indianapolis, Ind. The MCC also supported the grand opening of the George W. Bush Library and the JFK Memorial both in Dallas, Texas, as well as other events around the country.
Now we know why ICE released 68,000 criminal aliens; they were too busy playing security guard for sports teams.  Such security activity by ICE SVU is not authorized by law.  Providing security to National Special Security Events, such as the Final Four, the Superbowl, or any other event, is assigned by law to the U.S. Secret Service under Title 18 United States Code Section 3056.
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