ICE: Missing In Action XV
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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) thinks that it is destined to replace the FBI. They can't do their own job, but want to do someone else's. Just take a gander at Justiceseeker79 comments on this post. ICE is ambitious. But, as usual, it fails completely on its own self-described "priorities." Another Muslim alien terrorist has slipped through the cracks.

AP January 9, 2012 by Tamara Lush and Mitch Stacy

Muslim Man From Kosovo Charged In Fla. Bomb Plot

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A Kosovo-born man was charged with plotting to attack Tampa-area nightclubs and a sheriff's office with bombs and an assault rifle to avenge wrongs done to Muslims, federal authorities said Monday.

According to a federal complaint, 25-year-old Sami Osmakac recorded an eight-minute video shortly before his arrest explaining why he wanted to bring terror to his "victims' hearts" in the Tampa Bay area. Osmakac is a naturalized American citizen born in Kosovo, then part of the former Yugoslavia in eastern Europe.

The Criminal Complaint confirms that Osmakac is a naturalized citizen.

The defendant, Sami Osmakac, is a 25 year old man who is a naturalized citizen of the United States, born in the former Yugoslavia.

So, despite the fact that terrorists are ICE's number 1 priority, ICE failed to keep this alien outside of the United States, it failed to discover his treason before his naturalization. ICE failed to take the action necessary to denaturalize him, and it failed to discover his terrorist intent before he took steps to execute a terrorist attack. The FBI had to do it. Another ICE fail.

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