ICE Loses Focus over “Humanitarian Concerns” in Mississippi Arrests and Releases Hundreds
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It all sounded so promising at the start — ICE agents swooping in on Mississippi food processing plants and arresting 680 illegal alien job thieves.

The usual suspects protested about law enforcement, like Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee complaining that the lawful arrests were Gestapo-like.

Donna Brazile, one of Fox’s increasingly left-leaning commentators, remarked about the arrests, “I woke up thinking about the little children of Mississippi, getting up this morning without a parent. . . they have nobody to bathe them, comb their hair, send them off to school.”

Apparently important people must have been heard the complaints about the poor suffering kiddies: reported a severe backtracking in seriousness about removing illegals from American job sites:

ICE Frees 300 of 680 Illegals Arrested in Raid on ‘Humanitarian Grounds,', By John Binder, August 8, 2019

About 300 of the 680 illegal aliens arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency at Mississippi food processing plants on Wednesday were released the same day on “humanitarian grounds,” officials confirm.

This week, ICE raided seven food processing plants across Mississippi, arresting a total of 680 illegal workers in the largest single-state operation in United States history and the largest workplace enforcement raid in 11 years, Breitbart News reported.

The same day, though, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and ICE confirmed that about 300 illegal workers were released back into the U.S. on “humanitarian grounds.” The Clarion Ledger first reported their release.

ICE spokesman Bryan Cox confirmed to Breitbart News that the 300 illegal workers released “were placed into removal proceedings before the federal immigration courts and will have a court date at a future time.”

In a news release, law enforcement officials said ICE agents “concluded their processing of detained aliens last night and followed their procedures by releasing many on humanitarian grounds.”

Specifically, roughly 30 of the illegal workers arrested by ICE were released on humanitarian grounds while an additional 270 illegal workers were released after being processed by federal officials with the expectation that they will return to immigration court.

All of the illegal workers were asked whether they have children in schools or childcare services that needed to be picked up and were allowed to call family members, friends, and relatives to arrange pick ups for their children. ICE officials said officers worked directly with local Mississippi school districts to ensure children were cared for.


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