IBD On UKIP And Borders (Redacted)
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investors-business-dailyThe URL for the Investor's Business Daily story below is http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/052714-702337-ukip-victory-sends-a-message-to-eu-that-borders-are-real-and-sovereignty-matters.htm.

The title says nothing about borders, though:

UKIP Victory Sends A Message To EU's Elites About Failure Of Big Government
That's usually a sign of management interference. The story itself says nothing about the immigration issue. According to the story, it was a rejection of "big government",  and they also claim
Anti-EU parties are often billed as racists in the crude race-card hurling style of U.S. politics by Eurocrats and the parties that enable them, but it's telling that the independence parties that did best in the elections were those that explicitly rejected racism, as UKIP did.
It seems that, from the point of view of the Investor's Business Daily, that what voters are protesting is the overbearing regulation of business by Brussels. They're not protesting the massive influx of immigrant—or at least not in the management approved  editorial.

Possibly one of their editorial page writers knows different, but he's not being allowed to say. That's business for you!

Email IBD and ask them about it!

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