I.T. GRUNT Strikes Again: Chis Christie Financed By Indian Accused Racketeer?
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Alleged Racketeer Sarvesh Dharayan with protege Christie

Because of infrequent postings I do not check on the colorfully forceful Life of an I.T. Grunt blog as often as I should. The latest report was last November:  I.T. Grunt Catches Paul Krugman Being Right! -About "Skills Shortage"

So I am a bit late in applauding two excellent posts. The first,  Desi Pimp That Shut Down This Blog Busted For Bribery, Money Laundering, etc. July 22 reports the delicious news

Sarvesh Dharayan, head of the notorious bodyshop Apex Technology Group Incorporated… was just arrested in connection with a $2.3 million bribery and kickback scheme…I finished reading the complaint filed by the feds, and it is a sordid story.  It involves some unnamed New York company involved with Medicare and the HHS, who was scammed by one of its executives who was getting kickbacks for placing slumdogs from Apex at the company.
(Rob Sanchez wrote about Dharayan’s amazingly succesful attack on I.T Grunt a.k.a. “Tunnel Rat” for us in H-1B Bodyshop vs. U.S. First Amendment: The Case Of "Tunnel Rat" Dec 27, 2009. “Desi” is how expatriate Indians describe themselves – see Obama: "I'm a Desi". But are "Desis" American?)

I.T.Grunt went on to explain

This is the classic MO of slumdog slave traders — kickback a cut of the hourly billing (which in this case appears to be about $105-$115) to the collaborator, net about $65, and pay the slumdog probably about half that.
and helpfully notes that Dharayan is a contributor to Chris Christie.

A second valuable blog was on August 2cnd

Our favorite slumdog sweatshop is facing yet more legal action.  Former collaborator turned pro-insurgent blogger Don Tennant was the first to break the story:

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Infosys, alleging that the company has engaged in systematic, company-wide discrimination against Americans and others who are not of South Asian descent. The suit details alleged discriminatory practices stemming from the company’s abuse of the H-1B and B-1 visa programs, and makes extensive reference to alleged illegal and discriminatory activities revealed by Infosys employee and original whistleblower, Jay Palmer.

As usual, I.T. Grunt’s comment threads have much useful information (and some savage fighting). From one in 2009 (now lost because of the above mentioned attack on the blog) I obtained a fascinating account of how Indians after evicting whites from IT departments then discriminate against one another until the department is staffed by an extended cousinhood: see  More on Indian Atrocities

Keep it up, I.T. Grunt!

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