"I Sense A Diversity Problem In The Photo Of Title Ix Coordinators. Can You Spot It?"
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HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Title IX coordinators offered good, bad and ugly outlook for due process. I sense a diversity problem in the photo of Title IX coordinators. Can you spot it?

The obvious point is that it's a hundred percent female. The odds against  any randomly selected group of five people being all female are 31 to one, but they're not randomly selected.

Title IX coordinators are in the business of persecuting men for imaginary sexual assaults. That's what this  particular story is about.  [Title IX coordinators offered good, bad and ugly outlook for due process, By Ashe Schow, Watchdog.com, February 2, 2017] Before they were in that business, they spent their time closing men's sports teams because there weren't an equal number of women's teams.(Women aren't that interested in playing sports.)

This group of Title IX coordinators is also 40 percent black. American is about 10 percent black, a percentage that's falling as Hispanics and all sorts of overseas types displace them.

In a lot of our coverage of various kinds of "Disparate Impact" and quotas we have to explain that a board of directors consisting entirely of white men is not necessarily the result of a sinister conspiracy, anymore than a jail cell full of criminals consisting entirely of minorities is the result of police prejudice.

This group of Title IX coordinators actually is a sinister conspiracy, and the result of prejudice.

If you doubt that, imagine what would happen to you if you were  a white man appointed to that job—especially if you found yourself in the position of being, as diversity types say, "a voice for" falsely accused white men.

The result would look something like this:




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