I'm Shocked, Shocked To Discover Leaking Going On In The Obama Administration
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A headline in Slate about the hunt-for-Osama movie Zero Dark Thirty:
Leon Panetta May Have Been the One Who Spilled CIA Secrets to Hollywood Filmmakers
As I wrote in my review of Zero Dark Thirty in Taki's Magazine:
You can hazard a guess at whose cliques helped Boal and Bigelow and whose didn’t from the casting. In the only performance with massive star power, James Gandolfini triumphantly plays former CIA Director Leon Panetta as a lovable cross between Tony Soprano and Santa Claus. In contrast, National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, an Irish-American political hack (formerly of Fannie Mae) who is unpopular with the military, is depicted as a supercilious twit who sports, for no discernible reason, an English accent.
By the way, Donilon is now out as NSA and is being replaced by Susan Rice, another (along with Obama family consigliere Valerie Jarrett, who was born in Iran) of that extremely tiny caste of upper middle class African-American cosmopolites with whom the partly Indonesian-reared Obama feels most comfortable. Thus, Obama bitterly clings to Rice and Jarrett, no matter what their failings.
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