I'm Not Even Going To Read This Conor Friedersdorf Thing Before Replying To It
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Mark Steyn and Kathy Shaidle have had a lot of fun replying to Conor Friedersdorf, a "conservative" who practices no recognizable brand of conservatism. When I saw this item in the Atlantic, I thought, "I suppose I have to answer this, because it's so typical, but do I have to read it?" Answer: no. Conor Friedersdorf  asks

The GOP Divide Over Illegal Immigrants: Are They People or Abstractions?

Another version of this headline, which appeared on my iPhone was "Are Illegal Immigrants People To The GOP?"

The answer is that of course illegal immigrants are people. Bad people! Criminal people. Alien people. People who are not supposed to be in the US at all.

Their presence in America, their jobs in America, their access to American jobs and tax-supported services, and the American citizenship of their children is all something they've stolen. The fact that they've stolen it for years, and will presumably miss it when it's gone doesn't mean they shouldn't have to give it back.

Furthermore, the "GOP" that wants them gone is the Republican voters, regular Americans. The GOP that thinks they should stay is the Republican Leadership, people like Newt Gingrich.

In an earlier blog post, which also mentioned Conor Friedersdorf, I wrote

"So who does the Republican National Committee represent, anyway? It won't represent the white victims of affirmative action, or the other white victims of immigration, but it also clearly doesn't represent minorities either, since they don't want to be represented by Republicans, and voted up 95% for Obama.

We have here a party, and possibly a movement, that represents nobody. How are they doing electorally? Right."

So here's my question: are Americans people to Conor Friedersdorf?

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