Huntsman Says Rick Perry's Border Position Is "Pretty Much" Treasonous
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Exactly what we've been saying—from Politico covering the CNN/Tea Party debate:

Jon Huntsman: Rick Perry sounds 'pretty much' treasonous on border security

Jon Huntsman took a slap at Rick Perry for opposing a border fence, saying, "For Rick to say you can't secure the border I think is pretty much a treasonous comment."

He paused for effect, but the comment got booed.

Of course, why stop at "Pretty much"?

Republican Rich Galen of has a useful analysis of the debate, but didn't think much of the "treason" crack.

Perhaps he thinks people shouldn't call names, which is true, but then, people shouldn't betray their country, either.

Perry himsel recently re-introduced "treason" to the political discourse when he suggested that if Bernanke was going to put getting his boss re-elected over the country's actual fiscal well-being, it would be "almost treasonous." Something in that, perhaps, but it doesn't compare with refusing to defend your country against a foreign invasion.

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