How Other Nations Deal with Floods of Illegal Aliens
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Fox News provides a brief overview of how other western nations deal with a deluge of illegal aliens. Hint: the United States is the only one to hand out free bus or plane tickets to the destination of the lawbreakers’ choice.

Below, thousands of Africans have succeeded in reaching first-world Europe via the Mediterranean.

Reporter William La Jeunesse details the procedures elsewhere:

“Italy turns back many boats carrying illegal immigrants including minors from Albania and Africa. Those that make it are taken to camps some are returned home; others live on the street.

In Greece, illegal immigrants are kept in detention camps, children housed alongside adults. In 2012, 8000 Syrians sought asylum in Greece, only two were approved.

The EU installed a 20-mile barb-wire fence on the Turkish border with Bulgaria. It reduced immigration there from 2000 a month to 300.

France denies 90 percent of asylum requests. Unaccompanied children are typically turned back at the airport without so much as an interview. Unlike the US, France does not grant citizenship to children born to undocumented immigrants.

About 3000 unaccompanied minors apply for asylum each year in the UK; on average 13 percent are approved.

In Australia, unaccompanied children are held in offshore detention centers for up to nine months.

Censors and infra-red cameras help secure Spanish islands in the Mediterranean. Processing centers there are overcrowded and unsanitary.”

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