How One White Person Feels About WHITE PEOPLE (And Illegal Alien) Director Jose Vargas
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javargas_0[1]A. W. Morgan writes that Jose Vargas wants white people "to say what they really think and really feel.” [MTV’s ‘White People’ Director Jose Antonio Vargas Believes ‘Diversity Is the Destiny of This Country’, By Joe Otterson, July 22, 2015] Well, with blue eyes and skin that can hardly tan, I qualify as a really white person.

Now for how I really feel: I'd like to ask Donald Trump if he will promise, if elected, to deport the arrogant illegal alien Jose Vargas. I'll promise to vote for Trump if he promises to give Vargas the boot. That little creep Vargas has gotten under my skin and irritated me for years. There is no need for such vermin to infest our country. Due to the unavailability of some kind of national flea powder, we need The Donald to alleviate the itch.

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