How Did You Become a Racial Heretic? Tell Us Your Stories!
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Do you find that diversity is a weakness, not a strength? Do you think humanity's races are inherently unequal? Do you believe that America and Europe should preserve their historic white majorities? 
If you are reading this, you probably answered "yes" to these questions. That makes you a racial heretic. A dissident from mainstream platitudes about race relations and anti-white academic invective.
American Renaissance (AmRen) wants to hear from you. (Watch Jared Taylor here, making an appeal to "Tell Us Your Story".) How did you develop a worldview that puts you at odds with the country's political class? Did you discover the truth because you attended a forcibly integrated school? Was it having to deal with crime and life in the ghetto firsthand? No matter how it happened, we want you to write about it. 
AmRen regularly publishes essays by people just like you about how they "saw the light" and turned away from the lies and misdirection fed to them by the mainstream media, school system, and political class. We want more stories like these, and that means we want to hear from you. If you would like to write about the experiences that forced you to realize that race is important, please email me, Chris Roberts, at Your name and email address will be kept completely confidential. 
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