Houston Rich Kid Arrested for Trying to Blow Up Statue
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Andrew Schneck, the 25-year-old son of a former trustee of Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts, was arrested over the weekend for trying to blow up a Confederate statue in Houston’s Hermann Park. A subsequent police raid on his wealthy mother’s home in Houston’s pleasant Rice Village neighborhood (right next to where I went to college at Rice U.) found lots and lots more bomb-making materials. The cops have been destroying Schneck’s stash with controlled explosions.

Screenshot 2017-08-21 16.53.25While Schneck likely holds Current Year views on historical events of more than 150 years ago, there is evidence that he really likes Blowing Stuff Up.

Schneck was previously arrested in 2013 for his bomb-related “chemistry experiments,” as his mother calls them, and forced to pay $159,000 in fines and restitution.

Federal agents in 2013 raided five family properties and used controlled detonations to get rid of chemicals that could be used in creating nerve gas.

But that 2013 incident was no doubt Trump’s fault too, what with Trump’s neo-Nazi evilness ripping a hole in the space-time continuum and reversing the law of temporal causality.

Screenshot 2017-08-21 16.41.32(Here’s the art gallery in Houston named in honor of the arrested man’s mother.)

All this took place a few miles southwest of downtown Houston around the Rice U. campus.

Like I’ve been saying, the nuttier the Establishment gets, the nuttier the real nuts will act.

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