Don't Mention the Muslims
August 21, 2017, 08:49 PM
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The big push in England against anybody mentioning that the pimps raping underage English girls tend to be Pakistani Muslims was led by rising star MP from West Bradford Naz Shah. From The Guardian:
Naz Shah MP: ‘Muslims are not one-size-fits-all’

… ‘We’re not everything that you read in some papers. We’re very diverse’ … Naz Shah, Labour MP for Bradford West.

Decca Aitkenhead Sunday 18 December 2016 0

I would be very surprised if anyone in Westminster knows more than Naz Shah about the challenges and rewards of integration.

From the Daily Mail, as excerpted by commenter Lot, who asks, “She really makes the case for more Pakistani immigrants, doesn’t she?”
When she was six years old, Miss Shah revealed, her father ran off with a neighbour’s daughter who had just turned 16.

At 12, she was sent to Pakistan where she was forced into an arranged marriage aged 15.

She returned to Britain three years later and separated from her husband.

Then there is Miss Shah’s mother, Zoora, a woman she describes as her ‘rock’, an almost saintly figure who, she says, was raped, beaten and pimped by an abusive partner for more than a decade.

Ground down by ‘helplessness and hopelessness’, according to her daughter, Zoora eventually snapped. In 1993, at Leeds Crown Court, she was convicted of murdering her married lover (a drug dealer called Mohammed Azam) by poisoning him at a family gathering — not, it emerged, because she was being abused, but out of sheer greed to steal his house.

Zoora Shah, the court heard, had already made several unsuccessful attempts to obtain the property, where she lived with the children but which was in Azam’s name, by forging legal documents.

Previously, she had even hired a hitman — with whom she was having an affair — to kill him.

Zoora, who chose not to give evidence, was jailed for life….

At 25, Miss Shah, who once worked in a laundry and a crisp factory, returned to college, enabling her to embark on a career as an NHS commissioner. After leaving the NHS, she set up an all-female gym in Bradford in 2012. Mother-of-two Salma Kokab, in her early 50s, worked under her.

Miss Kokab, who suffers a painful condition which causes arthritis, did not receive a penny in wages for five months. Eventually, she was forced to go to court and Miss Shah was ordered to pay her more than £27,000, including legal fees.

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