Houston Chronicle demonstrates the Future
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This morning I blogged on the powerful initial responses to a piece of open borders propaganda in the Houston Chronicle. Checking back just now, I see that precisely zero further postings were allowed on this thread for over nine hours, after which two pro-amnesty items appeared (one illiterate), two seconds apart.

Clearly, the Chronicle is suppressing comments. It is just incredible that this white-hot issue should attract so few replies. (I suppose it is possible that only two pro-bill comments arrived).

This, fundamentally, is why Patriots have to oppose the swamping of America by the current inflow. Repression is not an argument, but in many cultures it is legitimate. Political freedom is not normal in human society. It has appeared at its strongest in the Anglo Saxon culture America inherited (and advanced). Far too many subsequent immigrating groups have not comprehended or valued this.

Complain to the Houston Chronicle.

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