Housekeeping Notes: Fireside Chat, De-rehabilitation Of Charles Murray, Mencken And Two Vancouvers
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Just a few at random.

  •  Thanks to all who joined Peter & me getting likkered up on Tuesday evening. It was great fun; although yes, I need a comb.  And no, the cardigans were not deliberately co-ordinated. Cardigans are in this year.
  • It's depressing how far along you can get in life while remaining ignorant of some simple, basic facts. There are two Vancouvers: one a big city in Canada, the other a satellite city of Portland, Oregon in Washington State. I did not know this until a Radio Derb listener enlightened me. Thank you, Sir. Knowledge is good!
  • Talks delivered at the H.L. Mencken Club annual meeting earlier this month are now online at the Club's website. This includes my own offering, "The Breakdown of Order in Late Mass Democracy" (last one listed).
  •  In Tuesday's chat I mentioned a piece titled "The De-rehabilitation of Charles Murray" that I just recently did for Adademic Questions, the quarterly journal of the National Association of Scholars. 

Some viewers want to know where they can read the piece. Well, it's in the current print issue of AQ. So far as I know AQ has not posted the piece online for non-subscribers. They'd rather you subscribed to the NAS, which you can do here. You should subscribe; NAS does high-quality, socially-useful work of general interest on a thin budget.

The usual rule for print articles applies: After a decent interval—average about a month—I archive a copy of the piece to my personal website … unless I forget. 

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