House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Primaried By Anti-Cheap Labor, Anti-Big Business Economics Professor
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Dr. Dave Brat, Chairman of the Economics and Business department at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia, is challenging House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Republican Primary. Brat, who teaches ethics as well as economics, writes:

“We all know the basic economics. Labor markets are still in chaos, and now our leadership wants to import more low wage labor, lower the wage rate for our citizens, and provide BIG business cronies with cheap labor.

“The Elites get cheap labor and you get low wages, more unemployment and to pay all the taxes that will support the Ruling Class in DC. This is classic Cantor vs. the People of the 7th District”

[Join Me and Stop Boehner-Cantor from Pushing us Toward Amnesty, January 30, 2014]

Professor Brat also takes issue with Cantor's support of the Paul Ryan-Patty Murray budget deal and Cantor's lack of progress against Obamacare: “he hasn't moved the ball down the field at all.”

Brat says he believes

 “ securing the border, enforcing the law, and preserving jobs and taxpayer dollars for American citizens.

“Issues like amnesty affect real people and real families and it reflects on the very fabric of our nation.”

In addition, if elected Dave Brat promises to be an ally of Senator Jeff Sessions: “I will work diligently, joining conservative leaders like Senator Jeff Session, to oppose any attempts to promote amnesty.”

Of course challenging any incumbent is an uphill battle—especially when the politician being challenged is a party leader who, as Brat says,

“is following the agenda of the Business Roundtable and the Chamber of Commerce — pursuing policies that are good for big business...”[Cantor’s Big Business Agenda Sparks Primary Challenge, By Kenric Ward, TRNS, February 6, 2014]

So the Establishment with deep pockets is behind Cantor, however, Brat is expecting support from big national organizations and political figures “as big as they get.”

Even if Dave Brat is not able to pull off an upset, perhaps his primary challenge will put some fear of the electorate in Cantor and other sellouts and so cause them to moderate their push for amnesty. So now Eric Cantor and John Boehner have primary challengers and, to paraphrase Patrick Henry, Paul Ryan may profit by this example.

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