Diana West Calls For Obama's Impeachment, Citing Administrative Amnesty
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We've applauded the MSM columnist Diana West several times over the years, and I was particularly touched when she bravely cited me in a 2006 column and in her 2007 book, The Death of the Grown Up, something that the intensifying Cultural Marxist Reign of Terror has made increasingly dangerous.

Now, even more bravely, West has called for Obama's impeachment: A Nation of Laws, Not Men, Must Impeach Obama, Townhall.com, February 7, 2014. Saying anything outside the conventional wisdom is always risky for an MSM professional, and additionally this is certain to infuriate the Journolista-type Leftist enforcers.

You can see from the TownHall comment thread that some people are still under the misapprehension that impeachment is some sort of grand judicial proceeding, requiring police-court type evidence. It's not: it's a political act, like a vote of No Confidence in a Parliamentary system. It just hasn't happened much because the Executive Branch really was less aggressive, and judges really didn't legislate. Now it is and they do. So impeachments are inevitable.

Among other things, West specifically cites Obama's 2011 unilateral imposition of an Administrative Amnesty for some so-called DREAMers, a measure repeatedly rejected by Congress. As VDARE.com said at the time: Obama Regime's Administrative Amnesty: Impeachment Is The Only Answer (August 26, 2011).

Diana West's most recent book is American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character

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