Hot Or Not
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Steve Sailer is impressed by LAPD wanted felon Vanessa X, [Name removed, June 27, 2011—for what it's worth, grand theft charges were dropped]a French girl with serious cheekbones.[The Hot White Defendant] Personally, I feel that Corinna Kowalsky, who I mentioned in previous Most Wanted blogging, is practically the only felon on the list who could lift your wallet and make you feel good about it afterwards. Corinna Kowalsky—Approach with caution!

During the Presidential debates, Bush talked about helping employers to "mate up" with willing workers, which Steve said sounded like he was trying to remove impediments to the white slave trade. Which, of course, is part of the effect of porous borders. Steve wrote

I can just imagine that speech:

"My fellow Americans, it has come to my attention that Eastern Europe???the Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania — is full of nubile young ladies with hair the color of wheat ripening in the sun...

Yes, that would be popular, but as a practical matter, it's alleged that the charming but illegal Ms. Kowalsky "befriended the victim and then later burglarized his residence taking various items of art, silver and porcelain."
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