Honoring the Gentle Giant of Ferguson... with Armed Robbery
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I suppose we should consider this simply a more vibrant variant of community organizing, or an effort to reduce inequality.  The myth of Ferguson is the gift that keeps on giving.
Police say two thieves robbed six people in the 1100 block of Mississippi Saturday night and said “This is for Mike Brown” before fleeing the scene.

According to investigators, the six victims, whose ages range from 59-61, were leaving a restaurant and walking north on Mississippi when the two suspects approached them. One suspect pulled out a gun and the other demanded the victim’s property.

The victims complied and the suspects fled the scene.

[Thieves allegedly rob six victims in name of Michael Brown, by Adam McDonald, KMOV St. Louis, September 22, 2014]

Unlike many articles, this report actually goes on to give the demographic description of the suspects.  But it seems unnecessary here.

As the late Mr. Brown colorfully expressed,

On my side of town

When the sun go down

You in trouble now”

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