Holocaust Museum shooting - Quick, let's suppress Free Speech!
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The rush of media lemmings to attempt utilizing yesterday’s peculiar Holocaust Museum shooting to rescue the Hate Crimes Bill is producing some clear examples of the anti-free speech motives of this crowd.

The leftist media gad fly website TPMMuckraker says it directly in When it comes to hate crimes, there's no such thing as "acting alone" June 10, 2009,

The origins of a hate crime should be viewed as an integral part of an actual hate crime. We can't just look at the final act of a terror play.

Instigation is critical here. We need to make a serious assessment of those who disguise their hate speech as free speech.

It's all connected.

Note the enthusiasm for this wild assertion in the comment thread.

A somewhat more confused but equally dangerous response appears in Hate crime on the rise? John Romero KDVR.com June 10 2009.

The TV station got an email

Subject line: "Holocaust Memorial Shooting."

making the innocuous observation that many people are under great stress

There are a million powder kegs ready to explode ..." a Denver man wrote. "And I am one of those potential powder kegs."

"Still discouraged, still unemployed despite a master's degree and no one is listening."

There will be millions upon millions of powder kegs. And many are more violent than I am."

KVDR reacted as if they had received an unpinned grenade, cheered on by (of course) the usual suspects

We showed the email to the Anti-defamation League, and they were greatly concerned.

The only solution for all of us, they say, is to speak out before it's too late.

"Because by shining the light on hate it helps reduce the acts of violence that stems from hate...”

The man who e-mailed us said he was saddened by the Holocaust shooting, and was not violent. Still experts we talked to said the letter needed to be handed over to the appropriate authorities.

(VDARE.com emphasis)

Send a mildly emotional email to KVDR and get the police on your doorstep!

Paul Craig Roberts is right — legislation of this kind metastasizes. Given the openly stated intentions of its main supporters, this is inevitable.

Happily, according to today’s email from the Rev.Ted Pike’s invaluable warning service (subscribe at the top of this web site) the Hate Crime legislation has hit trouble.

Unhappily, the Senate Democrats plan to rescue it by attaching it to another Bill

Senate Democratic leaders will push the federal hate crimes bill to the floor of the Senate as another amendment to a ”must-pass” bill…Democrats say there will be no hearings and no amendments allowed. There will undoubtedly be a minimum of debate on the floor of the Senate, probably no more than an hour.

This would be a sad and squalid end to American free speech.

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