Hmore Hmong Violence in Hminneapolis
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The Hminneapolis Star-Tribune continues to amaze with jaw-drop "journalism" that goes far beyond the basics of mere political correctness into new levels of confusing readers.

Consider the article "Officer straddles two worlds" [February 6, 2005] and its laudatory beginning:

With a physique and charisma attractive enough to launch him into Asian martial arts movies, St. Paul police patrolman Tou Mo Cha had a following in the city's Hmong community that made him a natural to travel last year with Mayor Randy Kelly's hand-picked delegation to Thailand.

You might think "Hmm, another warm and fuzzy immigrant puff piece. Bo-o-o-r-ring." But that supposition, dear reader, would be wrong, because this is a crime story—the subject is apparently a perp, not a "Hmong role-model."

Tou Mo Cha is accused of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, terrorist threats and criminal property damage, in connection with some intramural Hmong violence centered around Vang Pao, a CIA-affiliated general from the Vietnam war. The reader learns these incidentals after the emotional set-up of the "straddles two worlds" culture-clash has been established.

Cha is going to trial Feb. 14, and we are hoping for clarity from the courts unlike the muddled picture presented by the Star-Trib.

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