Hispano-Phobia? What The Heck Is That?
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As many of you already know, there is a long list of people who drive me crazy:

  1. 1. People who think Klingons are real and insist on speaking the language in places like the supermarket check-out line.
  2. People who don't understand that 1982 Chevy Pick-ups driving roughly 46 mph do not belong in the left lane.
  3. Non-Indian people who invent crazy names for themselves such as Pat "Growing Bear" Smith just so they can sit on the board of an Indian Gaming Casino


Well, it's time to add another: PEOPLE WHO MAKE UP WORDS!!

In Pahrump, Nevada City Council officials recently enacted an ordinance that makes English the official language and restricts the flying of foreign flags...among other things.

Most of the 250 people in attendance were please with this decision but Vicky Parker was not one of them.

She said she was "appalled at the overt Hispano-phobia going on."

[AP Story here.]


Hmm...how long will it take the MSM to grab on to that little zinger? I give them until Friday...and that's if the new and improved Mel Martinez-led GOP doesn't grab it first!

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