Hispanics CAN Be Useful!
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It must almost be enough to make the Bush Administration reconsider its predilection for festooning every immigration- sensitive area with Hispanics–another has put his foot through the bottom of the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill boat.

On Thursday Emilio Gonzalez, head of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, was reported complaining about the Bill preventing the Government from circulating damaging information it comes across on immigrants.

Today Carlos Itterregui “chief of the Office of Policy and Strategy of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services” is reported revealing that the Administration is aware that the popular 12 million estimate of the illegal immigrant population is very likely wrong:

“"I've heard 6 million. I've heard 10 million. I've heard 20 million," Carlos Iturregui told a City Club audience Friday. "The reality is, nobody knows." [Immigration reform seeks middle ground, Bush adviser says – Robert L Smith, The Plain Dealer June 3, 2006]

Although, I can think of no case of the lower numbers being credibly claimed, the higher number was of first postulated by VDARE.com’s D.A.King. Subsequently it was supported by work by a Bear Stearns economist (who has since fallen prudently silent.)

How can the impact of a policy be responsibly gauged when the quantum of those benefiting from it is not known, even to the order of magnitude? As I have said before, the Senate Bill is asking (more accurately, ordering) America to sign a blank check.

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