Hispanic Police Officers Kill Illegal Alien in Los Angeles, KTLA Describes Him As A Man "Immigrated From Guatemala"
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The Westlake area of Los Angeles experienced violent protests. Many reports are downplaying the fact that the man who police shot for attempting to stab them was an illegal alien. A video report [view here] by KTLA shows just how ugly the situation is but don't miss it (2:30) when they describe the illegal as a "37 year old who immigrated from Guatemala five years ago". So KTLA had a chance to report the truth but declined.

Read about it here:

LA residents: Police harassment spawned outrage

By THOMAS WATKINS (AP) — 15 hours ago LOS ANGELES — A city all too familiar with civil unrest was caught by surprise by the level of outrage over the fatal police shooting of an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who was menacing officers with a knife.

The officers were Hispanic and witnesses backed up their claims that Manuel Jamines threatened them.

And yet, protesters hurled eggs, bottles and rocks at a police station over the past several days and jeered the police chief when he tried to explain in front of a raucous community meeting.

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